Disputes and Payout


Alongside the Game Rules, which are associated with specific products, the Terms and Conditions of Interwin applies to every bet.
Interwin holds the sole power to put any bet or fixture under cancellation or suspension at any time for whatsoever reason. Furthermore, Interwin holds the right to place any sports bets or other casino products under a temporary ban without prior notice or reasons.
In a case where there is a discrepancy between the winnings and the amount credited to the players’ account, Interwin holds the right to void, recalculate, or modify the bets placed by a player. Any other unpredictable human and/or technical errors shall be treated under the same policy, should there be any.

This policy may apply in the following cases:

Interwin holds the right to call an event’s planned kick-off time as the match’s official “OFF” if an official for an event is absent. If an event has already started and the bet is accepted, it will stand, provided that the outcome is unknown as at the time of placing and accepting the bet. However, Interwin holds power to cancel a bet and/or any winnings that come out of the game, provided that the outcome is known as at the time of placing and accepting the bet.
In a case where the Interwin team believes that a bet was placed after the result is known to the player, Interwin reserves the right to cancel the live play bets and/or winnings.
Interwin holds the right to place an account under suspension or ban if the Interwin team believes that the member participates using a coordinated effort to scam Interwin and its relevant systems. Interwin shall forfeit the winnings from the bets.
Players have sole responsibility to ensure that they place a bet as they deem fit as confirmed bets cannot be terminated.
Interwin’s system will only accept and confirm bets placed by a player having sufficient funds. If a player collects illegitimate funds from another account, the stakes will be voided. The same policy applies to funds that have been invalidated because of technical errors or incorrect crediting.
Interwin and the player accept that the system’s transaction logs shall be used to settle any dispute that arises, and the decision will be binding and final.


The amount of winnings per day are subjected to the rules and regulations of Interwin. Players can find the rules and regulations on the FAQ section of the website.
There is a limit of 180,000 USD (or the equivalent value, depending on a player’s preferred currency) for sports bets payout.

Privacy Policy

To facilitate Interwin’s website operations, Interwin has stated how the player’s information is collated and used under the privacy policy.
Players hereby acknowledge and agree that Interwin uses personal information for the purpose of facilitating the operation of the website.
Interwin only applies the player’s information to allow the player’s involvement in the products and promotions of the website.
Players hereby acknowledge and accept that Interwin can share relevant information with partnered providers for the purpose of payment, game access, and other operations. The sole purpose of sharing personal information is to facilitate the general operation of Interwin’s website and systems.

Furthermore, Interwin may use player’s data for the following operations:
Crosscheck transactions to avoid scam, money laundering, bonus hijacking, cheating, and other questionable betting activities
Interwin support representatives may reach out to players through the following channels: Email correspondence, SMS, and phone call. For the purpose of security or training, voice calls may be recorded. The recording may be used for dispute resolution or clarification of any inquiry.
Players hereby acknowledge and agree that the Interwin website may use cookies.
Interwin holds the right to modify and update the Privacy Policy without sending prior notifications to players. Any changes made to the Privacy Policy page become effective with immediate effect.
Interwin holds the right to releases reports about winnings on the website, which may include a username and the amount won.